I know what I won't be playing this weekend: BlazBlue, on the account of a combination of Canada Day delay & the hold-up at the US border. ;_; » 7/03/09 5:26pm 7/03/09 5:26pm

I'm astounded that they managed to create something that long with... at most, 25 unique pictures. Can anybody remember the three games included in this trilogy? I don't think I saw the names flash before my eyes enough. » 7/17/08 3:13am 7/17/08 3:13am

@Dr_Q: KRU Interactive owns Shattered Galaxy. They used to be part of Nexon Corp but they split apart and renamed themselves from Nexon Inc. Lawl. >_> I loved SG. » 7/10/08 3:10pm 7/10/08 3:10pm